Year 2015
Feature short fiction film, based on the story of the same name by A.Etoev
Genre comedy
Timing 12:45
Festivals Laureate diploma in the nomination "Best Acting Game" at the International Short Film Festival "Window" - 2018 ( Russia, Omsk)
“The best fiction short film” of the II Moscow film forum «Благотворительность в объективе» - 2017 ( Russia, Moscow)
Best Acting VII Independent International Film Festival "ШОРТЫ" - 2017 ( Russia, Tula)
Best fiction film of the International Film Festival "Ты не один" - 2016 ( Russia, Yaroslavl)

Movie Description

She is not like all children. But like all children, she really needs attention and love.In inventing her own world and finding answers to already adult questions, the girl decides that her parents are quarreling over her. To reconcile her parents, she is ready to follow the advice of an imaginary Akuaka.

Cast: Nella Agrenich (Vasilevskaya) and Cat Hippopotamus

Script writer: Nella Agrenich, based on the story of the same name by Alexander Etoev

Directors: Nella Agrenich, Andrey Kashpersky

Director of fotography: Andrey Kashpersky

Editor: Nella Agrenich

Images from the film