This is our secret (work title)

Feature feature film
Genre mystical thriller, drama

Movie Description

*Work is in the process of writing a script

This story is about a naive guy Maksim who works in a school canteen and has an mild mental retardation. One day he falls in love with 16-year-old unsociable teenager Sasha. From her notebook of poems, he learns that Sasha suffers from sexually harassment by her Stepfather. Maxim decides to help the girl. However, it seems like only he alone believes her. Genre: drama, thriller.


Starring: Igor Shugaleev, Elizaveta Kosolapova, Alexander Molchanov

Director and Producer: Nella Agrenich

Director of Photography: Eugene Verenyov

Production Designer: Philip Lagunovich-Cherepko

Executive producers: Konstantin Vorobei, Sergei Yakubovsky, Andrei Kashpersky

Editor: Andrei Kashpersky