Year 2017
Feature short fiction film
Genre melodrama
Timing 22:47
Festivals The best fiction film of the XIV International Film Festival Practical Festival of Film Schools "Kinoproba" - 2017 (Russia, Yekaterinburg)
Diploma "For the artistic embodiment of the theme of relationships in the modern world" at the XXVI International Film Forum "Golden Knight" - 2017 (Russia, Sevastopol)
Participant of the Belarusian program at Cottbus Film Festival - 2017 (Germany, Cottbus)
2nd place in the nomination "Audience Award" at the X International Film Festival "Amateur Film + Profi" - 2017 (Russia, Omsk)
Winning the "Young ADAMI" nomination at the European ADAMI MEDIA PRIZE - 2018 (Moldova, Chisinau)

Movie Description

Anton and Liza have known each other for a year and are in love with each other, but they communicate exclusively through social networks, as they live in different cities. Anton decided to come from Moscow to Liza in Minsk to translate their attitude into reality. Physical proximity implies other ways of communication that are still unfamiliar to those in love.


Anton: Roman Shitko
Liza: Nastassja Vasilisa
Liza's friend: Polina Dobrovolskaya
Musicians in the Perezod: Yarina Prikhodko, Alexander Mikhnyuk
In the episodes: Ivan Shendrikov, Olga Ryabtseva, Alina Budkevich

Screenwriter and director: Nella Agrenich (Vasilevskaya)
Operator: Evgeny Verenev
Artist: Vadim Dozmorov
Sound producer: Nikita Savchenko, Valentin Shupenich
Installation: Stanislav Semenov
Makeup artist: Galina Kosygina
Suit selection: Natalia Odentsova, Milana Sobol
Executive producers: Maria Egorova, Nikita Stazhkov
Second director: Andrei Kashpersky

The film was shot with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, on the basis of the National Film Studio "Belarusfilm"

Images from the film

Frames from filming