Reconstruction of insomnia

Year 2014
Feature short fiction film
Genre drama
Timing 10:48
Festivals Bronze of the Belarusian Film Festival "BULBAMOVIE" - 2014 ( Poland, Warsaw)
"Grenzland film tage Selb" - 2016 ( Germany)

Movie Description

Mother and daughter exist in different realities. Mother lives in dreams, daughter in memories of past intimacy.
Ones the daughter's insomnia turns into a mystical journey into the corners of her subconscious.

Director: Nella Agrenich (Vasilevskaya)
Script: Nella Agrenich, Olga Drachuk
Director of Fotography: Kirill Synkov, Stanislav Sholokh
Sound producer: Marina Raeva
Edit: Nella Agrenich
Color Correction: Cyril Sons

Daughter: Anastasia Minaeva
Mother: Elena Ogrenich

Images from the film