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Year 2015
Feature short fiction film, based on the play by I. Vyrypaev “Dance of Delhi”
Genre drama
Timing 15:45
Festivals Main competition Belarusian film festival "BULBAMOVIE-2015" - 2015 (Belarus, Minsk)

Movie Description

In a city hospital, a young man and his mistress decide to find out the relationship. They are waiting for his wife to come out of a coma, who has been poisoned due to their romance.
Two views on one problem, two worlds that cannot touch in any way, and one dialogue that cuts space and time, hoping to find answers ...

Cast: Andrey Kashpersky, Nella Agrenich (Vasilevskaya), Alina Martynova and Olga Drachuk

Script writers and directors: Nella Agrenich (Vasilevskaya), Andrey Kashpersky.

Director of Fotography: Adele Mohageg

Based on the play by Ivan Vyrypaev "Dance of Delhi"

Images from the film

Frames from filming